Who We Are

From class 100,000 clean-rooms to local living-rooms, from South Central L.A. to Cottage Grove, from ancient mainframe computers to the latest laptops...we've experienced and done a lot! With decades of computer-related experience, we've seen and solved a lot of different computer issues. These years of experience translate to you, the customer, having a higher level of satisfaction with us.


Many of our years of experience have been in fields such as medical or financial printing. Our customers have grown to trust us with their sensitive information, computer security and safety. We are discrete, are sensitive to privacy matters (such as HIPAA in the medical field) and have been entrusted with data and materials that others would handle poorly or could use for fraud.

Christian Owned

We believe in treating all of our business matters in an honorable and fair way. We answer to God and aim daily to please him. We feel that the Good News about Jesus can be spread not only in a church or street ministry, but also the mission field of business.

Because of this, when you choose to work with us, you benefit from a company that has your best interest at heart. We are a business, and while we are trying to make a living, we truly do care about our customers. We place more value in the relationships we make over the dollars we make. Know that besides making a living, we also do our best to share with others who are in need by supporting various Christian ministries.

We also believe it's very important to be honorable and honest in our business dealings. You will find that we go out of our way to make sure we're honest with you and do our very best to be fair and obey rules, regulations and laws. We absolutely will not knowingly do any illegal or immoral thing in our dealings with you. We always invite any and all feedback from our customers if they feel we have done anything that goes against these values.

Family Oriented

We have children, spouses and close family members, and we place a great deal of importance on them. We also understand our customers and vendors have family, as well, so we do our best to be sensitive and understanding if family-related issues come up. We also know that our customers are doing their best to provide for their families, so we try to be as fair and flexible with our services and charges as we can be.


Because we aren't associated or partnered with any one technology company, we can give you unbiased and unencumbered opinions about computer hardware and software. We only recommend what we feel is right for your situation, and don't suggest products simply because they are what our 'partners' are trying to sell.

When possible, and if appropriate, we actually recommend free software solutions, because we know how hard you work for your money.

Small Business

We are a very small business. We're small enough to know you by name (once we learn it) and personal enough to know what your business or home may need after a visit or two. Even though we're small, we aim to treat all of our customers in a respectful and professional manner.

When possible, we give our money to other small businesses and encourage others to do so, as well.

Company Information

Areas served:


Roseburg, Oregon 97471
Please use the contact page
Primarily 45 mile radius from Roseburg, but we also service customers in nearby counties and remote internet customers anywhere.

About Our Website

Designed by hand, using geany on Linux and Programmer's Notepad on Windows, our site passes HTML5 validation. We purposely avoid the use of Flash* animation or other proprietary technology, and scripting is kept to a bare minimum. We believe that websites don't need to be complicated and visually overloaded to provide good functionality.

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