What we do
Since 2003, PismoTek has been providing professional and friendly computer hardware, software, networking, consulting and software development services to both businesses and home users. Below are some of the services we provide:
Remote Computer Support - Remote IT

• Don't have the resources or desire to hire your own computer support department?
  • Too busy to deal with your computers yourself?
• Tired of being taken advantage of by big-store tech support?
  • Need help with Windows, Mac or Linux?

Rely on us! If your computer can access a high-speed (cable, DSL, etc) internet connection, we can solve most software problems by accessing your computer remotely. No waiting for a technician to arrive...no paying to have a full-time computer person... no frustrating visits to big-store tech support desks.

We do one-time support calls as well as annual and semi-annual support agreements. We have a support service to meet just about everyone's needs.

We're here when you need us. Contact us now for more information.

Remote Routine Computer Maintenance

When you'd rather do your job and not have to mess with maintaining your office or home computers, we're here to do it for you! Twice-monthly (or any interval you'd prefer) we display a reminder on your computer the afternoon of the routine maintenance, then remotely access your computers, usually after-hours, perform system updates, clean up junk and temporary files, do a malware scan, virus scan and periodically perform a defrag.

We perform this routine maintenance personally and don't use automatic methods. The benefit of our approach is that we can see things automated methods miss, and can fix them or notify you of a problem and ask how you wish to address it.

If you're ready to take back your schedule and time, and want to rest a little easier knowing your computers are regularly maintained, use our Contact page to get the details.

On-site Computer Hardware, Software and Networking

Have a computer or networking problem that can't be solved remotely? We'll come out to your location and get you back up and running as soon as possible.
If you need it, we can provide a loaner computer (subject to supply on-hand)

Visit our Contact page to ask for details.

Home Computer Repair

We don't just work with businesses...we also take care of your computer problems right in your home, or we'll take your computer with us if it's going to take a while.

Contact us for help.

Software Development - Custom Programming

Need a Windows, Linux or Mac program written for your business, home or organization? Contact us with your requirements.
We also provide web services, such as web-site creation and administration.

If you have a need that isn't listed here, please contact us! We have a broad range of technology experience, so it's very likely we can meet your need.